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Feb 26, 2013

Band of Heroes Review

IryiSoft brings us yet another great game, this time a 2D shooter names Band of Heroes with some interesting and somewhat deep RPG elements.

Sweet art.

All-in-all the game has some high production values that directly relate to the art, graphics and sound, that are well above average and easy on your senses. But what really stands out in this game is the relatively new gameplay mechanics in a 2D shooter.

Other than the usual shoot-an'-dodge mechanic well known to any decent gamer, available throughout the game will be 5 characters you recruit, from which you will need to choose 3 to accompany you in your enemy-slaughtering adventure. Now every character has some very distinct attack patterns and special abilities that can be activated if they are the leader of your group. Not only that, each character gains independent experience from defeating levels that you can use to upgrade their passive skills.

With all these very nice RPG elements implemented in the game the player will face a ton a choices, and if you are a completionist a lot of good-ol' grinding to level each character to max level and develop the best team to your play style.

Awwww yeah some three-way action.
In conclusion, Band of Heroes is a great new IP that takes some chances with the genra that end up being very successful in my opinion. I sure hope to see a sequel in a couple of months for me too lose some more hours on it.

Game Rating: 8.5/10


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