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Nov 7, 2012

Mecha Arena Review

Mecha Arena is a strategy game from Arcade Bomb, and with this name a lot of expectations rose in my mind, as they are a very experienced studio as far as strategy goes. So what does this new IP offer us?

Who's up for some Mech strategy?

The objective of the game is very simple. You start with a standard and very weak mech, and you have to build it up until you are the world champion in Mecha Arena.For that the gameplay is divided into two phases: the managing phase and the championship phase.

The managing phase has a lot for you to deal with. From personnel and sponsorship dealings to mech training (very simple and actually boring mini-games) and improvement, all of these actions set on a calendar with fixed dates for your championship match. As you might guess it's pretty lengthy to describe a strategy game like this so I'll skip all the gibber-jabber and move on to the mech battles.

Your mech is divided into five parts: the two legs and arms and the main body. If the latest is destroyed you loose the battle, but the interesting part is that besides your general HP points, every part has separate statistics, and as in battle you can choose which part to target, the battle becomes very interesting and strategic.

The thrills.
Each mech part you add to your robot, besides the typical stats, has more to it that that. Not only do different parts perform different attacks, the game bases its main strategic battle component in a rock-paper-scissors game logic. With three different part brands to choose from, each will have a more effective/less effective effect on the other two brands, and that will be the major part of every battle.

Unfortunately the managing goes into a stall very quickly, where you just repeat everything you did before over and over again, and with the battles also becoming more a shore than anything else,  the game simply falls short as far as entertainment goes. In conclusion, you should check this one out cautiously.

Game Rating: 6/10


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