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Nov 27, 2012

Earn to Die 2012 Review

notDOPPLER strikes again, with a sequel to their somewhat famous Earn to Die. Besides the title being almost the same, is the new game Earn to Die 2012 worth your time?

Running over zombies. Yet again.

If you have played the previous game you'll be right at home here. And I mean it, as everything is pretty much the same. You'll start with an old and quite upgradable car, and you proceed to drive over countless zombies in an obstacle filled terrain in order to reach the finish line, earning money in the process for your sweet sweet upgrades.

Now the game is still pretty fun to play, but is way to familiar for me to really enjoy. And more problematic there is no real challenge involved. You can just leave a weight on your keyboard pressing the up arrow key and go take a coffee that you will improve your record if you bought any upgrades.

Oh yes, them slow motions.
Not only there is a lack of challenge, this game was also developed for iOS and Android, meaning that if you want to play the full game you need to go to those platforms and pay a small fee for it. All-in-all, although the game has some nice production value it falls flat on every gameplay corner, albeit it is still slightly entertaining.

If you have 30 minutes to spare go check it out, otherwise you won't loose nothing special here.

Game Rating: 6/10


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