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Oct 12, 2012

Into Space 2 Review

Into Space 2 is the sequel from the same-named launching game developed by Barbarian Games, and with every sequel comes a dreaded question: in what way does it improve upon the original?

Weird-ass scientist? Check.

The objective in this game is quite simple, after you successfully launched your rocket into the moon, you now have to repeat the feat only further away - to Mars. With the game all set-up, the gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same to every other launching game, you perform a launch each day, and with your profits you move to the upgrade menu, and so on and so on until you reach your goal.

What this game manages to do with the genra - besides some minor additions to the main gameplay, such as the launch having two phases, one for each part of the rocket - is to bring some much needed new ideas to refresh the entire scenery. However, the biggest achievement of this game is also its downfall.

To infinity, and beyond.

Parallel to the repetitive height and money grind, Into Space 2 introduces missions. These missions not only give you permanent boosts to your rocket, but also unlock the upgrades you can buy, making them a necessity throughout the game. As you unlock these varied missions they quickly become your number one priority, but as fun and refreshing as they are in the beginning, they quickly become a chore.

Thankfully the developer included the option for the player to skip these missions by buying them with in-game currency, and unfortunately, both for the boredom of most of them as well as sometimes crazy difficulty, I found myself buying all of them.

Not only that, I felt the game was somehow to long. I know this is a controversial thing to say, but many games in this genra fight to try and keep the grind at least interesting, but Into Space 2 falls flat in the long term play.

Oh hells yeah! Upgradin' ma rockit.
Other than the fact that I needed to refresh the game every so often for the frame-rate to go back to acceptable values, this game is pretty solid and manages to stand on its own as a sequel. So be sure to try this one out at the link above.

Game Rating: 8/10


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