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Aug 29, 2012

Shop Empire 2 Review

Here it is, Shop Empire 2, the sequel for the quite good strategy game Shop Empire, the question is, how much has LittleGiantWorld improved upon the original.

Nice animations here brah, nice.

And unfortunately, the answer becomes evident pretty quickly. With  some reasonably high production values, I wanted to play a mall strategy game that brought something new to the table, but by the all-powerful Flying Spaghetti Monster, this isn't it.

There are of course some new additions to the Shop Empire IP, but most of them rely on the same core gameplay we are all too used to. What I mean is, the underlying mechanic has grown very stale for any experienced player. You jump into the game and are immediately assaulted by a menu intense HUD, but that is not the problem... the problem is I automatically knew what each and every menu was meant for, except of course for the new ones. Those took me about 2 or even 3 seconds to figure out by reading the description. They are just disguised ways to add some depth into the game, such as facilities you can now build, but I cannot stress this enough, these additions simply do not add to the gameplay.

Same old, same old.

Other than that, it is a pretty solid game. With nice retro art but not so nice retro music,  and obviously a lot of attention to detail put into it, it shapes up to be a pretty good strategy game, if you haven't played the original or any other mall sim game, otherwise, it will just blend in into your memories.

Putting it short, if you haven't played the original or any other sim mal strategy games recently, go try this one. If that's not the case, or you happen to be familiar with these niche of games, don't bother to try it out, it is, again, nothing new.

Game Rating: 6/10


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