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Oct 23, 2011

MegaDrill review

MegaDrill is an arcade game created by Small is Beautiful, where you play as an ambitious man who wants to get filthy rich by exploring the depths of the earth.

So here's the deal: you have 25 weeks to excavate and accumulate the treasure you find, all the while upgrading your super-awesome Mega Drill, so you can advance further into the earths crust. Obviously, the deeper you delve, the greater your reward.
The gameplay itself is quite simple. You just have to guide the drill to the treasures, while avoiding depleting your fuel and/or reaching maximum pressure. Initially you can only steer your drill left and right, but soon enough you will buy some nitrous boosts (extra speed, rock destroying boosts) and a pretty useful mechanical mole that will grab passing treasure if you send it.
Although the main fun in the game is managing your resources and upgrades, at the end of the 25 weeks, every achievement you received will be traded for money (adds extra playthrough value), and the total final amount you saved up will determine what kind of luxury boat you get to go on a relaxing, coconut-sipping vacation.

With all said and done, MegaDrill is a simple and yet very a entertaining game, and with multiple endings it has quite a lot of replaying value. So you all know the drill (ah! see what I did there?), just go try it out.

Game Rating: 7.5/10


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